Men’s Health/Andropause

Of course most male patients experience non-gender specific health complaints (digestive disorders, thyroid concerns, fatigue, insomnia, poor response to daily stressors, etc.)  Occasionally a contributing factor is a drop in testosterone, called "andropause". 

Andropause is sometimes thought of as “male menopause”. It typically results from a drop in testosterone levels that happens as a man ages. Menopause for women is usually a profound and extreme loss in sex hormones, whereas the loss of testosterone for men, is usually gradual, typically dropping just 1-1.5% annually.

The most common symptoms of andropause include: erectile dysfunction/impotency, lowered libido, enlarged prostate, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, fatigue, irritability, depression, or anxiety. A simple laboratory test can tell you if your testosterone is low, and fortunately, it’s a very treatable condition.