Detox & Cleanse


A toxin is any substance that is poisonous to the body and can originate from many places such as living organisms and bacteria (biotoxins), fungus (mycotoxins) and non-organic chemical substances. We can be exposed to these toxins in our diet, for example processed foods contain preservatives, dyes, artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers. We can also be exposed to toxins in our environment such as heavy metals, molds, pollution and other chemical substances. Our own body even produces toxic substances as it goes about its daily business of being alive!

In a healthy body, organs such as the liver, kidneys and colon serve as organs of detoxification. They help cleanse and release these toxins out of your body. Unfortunately, some bodies are not able to clear these toxins because their system is overstressed, overburdened, or simply does not have the resources to function properly.

Detoxification is a therapy that uses diet, nutrition, supplements, hydrotherapy and botanical medicine to support your body and encourage it to release these built up toxins. Because it is important not to stress your body during this process, it is critical to perform a detox under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional such as a Naturopathic Doctor.

Consider participating in a 21 day New Year’s/Spring Cleanse each year. You’d be surprised how good you feel after three weeks of healthy eating and giving your liver all it needs to do its’ job. For more information about a Cleanse and Detox please contact us.