High Blood Pressure

What is blood pressure? Briefly, it’s the pressure that your heart is putting on your arteries as it pumps your blood through your body.  When you get your blood pressure taken the higher, first number is the systolic number.  The systolic number reflects the pressure on your arteries when your heart is squeezing.  The second, lower number is the diastolic number which tells you the pressure when your heart is relaxed.  Ideally these numbers are 120/80.  Hypertension (high blood pressure) is technically 140/90. High blood pressure is commonly called “the silent killer” because it is generally symptomless.  Blood pressure naturally raises during exercise and stressful events, but the problem arises when the arteries don’t get a break. The constant high pressure on them can lead to injured walls (eventually turning into damaged arteries.  Diet and lifestyle are important factors, and there are some herbs that can be helpful in lowering blood pressure. Knowing your blood pressure numbers is essential. Adopting a  healthy lifestyle is vital to the prevention of high blood pressure and is crucial to managing it.