Acne isn’t just a problem for teenagers. Acne can be caused by fluctuating hormones, food sensitivities, insufficient digestion, or even just stress. Identifying the underlying cause of acne is the starting point, followed by determining what therapies will be most effective in treating it to reach the goal of beautiful skin.

Naturopathic treatment usually involved getting the digestion working properly. Sometimes that includes introducing extra fiber into the diet, or using a probiotic to replace healthy gut bacteria.  Simple tips that you can do to improve your skin are:

  • reduce highly processed, sugary foods in your diet
  • eliminating our toxins are key for healthy skin – get in your fiber!
  • stay hydrated
  • use a gentle cleanser morning and night, but don’t over wash your face
  • stop touching your face (this is surprisingly hard! some people keep their nails short to stop this, others grow their nails long so they’ll notice if they begin to pick)
  • wash your pillow cases often and change them frequently
  • pull your hair away from your face when you sleep


If acne doesn’t clear up consider consulting a naturopathic doctor for more help.