Allergies & Food Sensitivities

Natural Allergy Treatments


Allergies happen whenever our immune system responds to something it doesn’t like. Usually we think of allergies as red eyes, stuffy nose, sinus congestion, accompanied by plenty of sneezing.  These allergic symptoms can be brought on by exposure to airborne pollens or mold spores. It’s the mast cells in your head that are releasing something called histamine that causes most of those symptoms. There are natural solutions to allergies, the goal being to reduce inflammation and minimize histamine release.

food sensitivities

Food Sensitivities

Allergies don’t just occur above the neck. If you are eating a food that your immune system doesn’t like, you will probably experience inflammation and other digestive symptoms. Common food allergies that you may be familiar with are gluten, dairy, and nuts, and they can be lethal for some. But the truth is we can be sensitive to a great number of ingredients. Food intolerance or sensitivity, is more common than food allergies and shares some of the same symptoms, but often they come about over a longer period of time and are not life threatening, though they can compromise ones sense of wellness. If our immune system begins identifying specific foods as ‘invaders’ then we end up fighting the very food that is meant to nourish us. Symptoms of food sensitivities include weight gain, bloating, digestive issues, skin rashes, congestion, arthritis, and many more. By identifying and removing the foods you are sensitive to, the gut can heal and the body’s health can drastically improve.